AVhackers launches on Zulip Chat

To anyone who has been enjoying the open source audiovisual preservation topics covered in this blog please consider visiting a new Zulip Chat space that myself and a few #AVpres friends have just launched – AVhackers.

The purpose of this space is still a little undefined, but I hope above all else it will form a support network for any technically burdened AV preservation or Digital preservation individuals around the world. It’s a privilege to have been involved in starting this collaborative space.  Special thanks to co-launchers Ashley Blewer, Katherine Frances Nagels and Kieran O’Leary for their enthusiasm and expertise.

To sign up visit  https://digitensions.github.io/avhackers/ and submit your email address – a Zulip invite will follow to complete the log in process. Code of conduct is available here.  Hope you can join us!

AVstandards GitHub Repository

Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 13.26.31.pngIn addition I’ve started an AVstandards repository for anyone to contribute audiovisual file format standards or technical documentation to – in all languages.  Please take a look and contribute via GitHub!

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