Open Source FFV1 video capture workflow for MacOS

I thought I'd document our leap into open source software here at the Media Archive for Central England (MACE).  We've been capturing SD PAL video to v210 uncompressed MOV on a Mac Pro 5,1 since around 2011.  The Mac has a Black Magic Decklink Duo (1) card and software that includes Black Magic Media Express … Continue reading Open Source FFV1 video capture workflow for MacOS

Experiences of an LTO/LTFS beginner

I've finally committed to making my first blog entry about my LTO (Linear Tape-Open) journey, and it's coincided with revisiting my Daft Punk albums so forgive the Technologic inspired chapter titles! With grateful thanks to all those who've encouraged this blog. I hope it's helpful to some go-it-alone LTOers. 
Disclaimer:  I'm formerly a videographer and … Continue reading Experiences of an LTO/LTFS beginner